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You don't have to wake up craving alcohol for it to be holding you back from..


  • Hindering your progress toward your goals
  • Amplifying your depression or anxiety.
  • Interfering with your relationships and well-being
  • Affecting your physical health negatively.
  • Draining your financial resources

You are a woman coming home burnt out trying to juggle everything and every morning you are waking up exhausted..


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Mel Watkins Therapy was created because we understand how hard recovery can be and how there's not enough support for giving up substances.

Our mentors and counsellors have faced their own struggles with substances so their support comes from a place of experience. Our approach is founded on the Dialectical Behavior Therapy model where we lower the standard of perfection in recovery and understand that slip ups do happen.

This model helps clients understand the deeper reasons behind addiction, finding a balance between accepting oneself and making positive changes, learning practical skills, practicing mindfulness, seeking support from others, and working closely with a counselor to overcome addiction. 

It's a holistic approach to breaking free from the cycle of substance abuse.

If you are ready to take the first step towards change, Mel Watkins Therapy is here to support you every step of the way.

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Individual Counselling Services


At Mel Watkins Therapy, we recognize that life's challenges are multifaceted. While we specialise in supporting individuals dealing with substance use issues, we also provide empathetic and dialetical behaviour therapy for a variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, binge eating, and trauma.

Our mission is to create a secure and non-judgmental environment where you can navigate the complexities of your emotions and experiences. Whether you're wrestling with anxiety, grappling with depression, coping with binge eating, or processing the aftermath of trauma, we're here to offer compassionate and skill based support.

If you're seeking a dedicated and empathetic counselor to guide you through these challenges, Mel Watkins is here for you. Take the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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About Mel Watkins

Melissa Watkins is a licensed Psychotherapist with experience in the treatment of addiction, including alcohol and drug abuse, as well as mental health concerns.

With experience in both hospital settings and private practice, Mel has have helped men and women reduce and quit substances, helping them establish a positive self-esteem, and develop new coping mechanisms. Mel has the below qualifications

  • Graduate diploma of counselling with Australian College of Applied Professions.
  • Practising certified licensed  psychotherapist/counsellor approved by The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).
  • Certified coach with Authentic Education.
  •  Dialectical Behaviour Skills Training with Dr Marsha Linehan.
  • Currently studying a graduate certificate of Psychology with Australian College of Applied Professions.
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Key Recovery Principles

Coping Skills

Coping skills

Learn skills to gain better personal control and decision making with CBT and DBT techniques

Connection & Accountability

Connection & Accountability

Be supported by likeminded people through monthly group workshops and the INMIB community.

Emotional Regulation

Master your emotions through DBT skills, mindfulness and breathwork techniques.

Strength Building

Strength Building

Build your mental, physical and spiritual needs through self reflection, radical acceptance, selfcare, empowerment and commitment.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention

Learn from your set backs and build from your successes. Create a plan for potential relapses and see recovery as an ongoing journey.



Learn self-compassion and gain hope from your recovery. You will be supported to celebrate your wins and encouraged to adapt flexible thinking to your problems.

Are you tired of failed attempts to quit drinking or using?

Check out our 12-week online recovery program. Breaking Free is an evidence-based treatment plan designed to help you break the cycle of substances.

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Ditch Alcohol and Build a Fulfilling, Balanced, Healthy Life!