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Therapy can be a place to explore and understand yourself,

leading to personal growth and self-improvement.


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What you will gain from therapy...

Coping Skills

Therapy can provide individuals with the skills needed to manage cravings and triggers for substance use.

Emotional Regulation

Therapy can teach individuals stress management skills to help them reduce the urge to use alcohol as a coping mechanism.


Therapy can help an individual identify and challenge negative self-talk and beliefs. It can also improve relationships


Therapy can provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to share their experiences, receive encouragement, and build a network of support.

Therapy that is relatable...

Meet Mel, a certified recovery coach and psychotherapist with a postgraduate degree in counseling, brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and personal experience to help clients thrive.

Founder of It's not me it's Booze, Mel has helped hundreds of men and women rediscover their true selves without the influence of alcohol and drugs. With a customized approach, 1:1 therapy sessions are tailored to the individual, incorporating a variety of coaching and therapy techniques to meet each client's specific needs

Leveraging her own journey of recovery, Mel provides invaluable support and guidance to clients as they navigate their own paths to healing. Book a free 1:1  consultation now to start creating a personalized recovery plan that will empower you to transform your life.

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Are you struggling with addiction?
Introducing Sober Support..

Our evidence-based recovery program is designed to achieve sobriety and mental health wellness.